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2006 Summertime Prince Mix

Much like Sara Lee, nobody doesn't love Prince. I have painstakingly compiled a collection of some of my favorite Prince songs. I don't say "painstakingly" lightly (or often, for that matter). I am an absurdly dedicated Prince fan and for me to get a list of favorites down to a single-disc length was quite the chore. You may notice that a lot of these songs are kind of, well, dirty. I, uh, I have no comment on that.

Enjoy responsibly.

  1. Black Sweat - from 3121
  2. When You Were Mine - from Dirty Mind
  3. P. Control - from Crystal Ball
  4. Cinnamon Girl - from Musicology
  5. The Ballad of Dorothy Parker - from Sign O' the Times
  6. Erotic City - from The Hits/The B-Sides
  7. The Continental - from O(+>
  8. Tambourine - from Around the World In A Day
  9. I Like It There - from Chaos and Disorder
  10. Lemon Crush - from Batman
  11. Kiss - from Parade
  12. All the Critics Love You In New York - from 1999
  13. Darling Nikki - from Purple Rain

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