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Swankin' Up Your Phone

Hey, I know you think your phone is hott. I'm sure it's impressively packed with a touchscreen and some 3G-styled data speeds. You can Twitter your GPS-tracked position to your hordes of followers from an airplane flying at 30,000 feet. But what happens when someone calls you? Do you get some weak-sauce racket out of your slim slice of magic? A sad, midi-based tone sequence that every other huckelberry with $200 and a faux hawk gets to hear when his peeps are blowing him up? You deserve better. I am here for you.

This is a mix of mp3 ringtones. The whole thing is about 100 seconds long and it might take you less than half of that to download it. Let your Inner Japanese Schoolgirl run amok with this little taste of magic. Is it kitschy? Yeah. Will you giggle a little when your mom calls and Skynrd starts banging out of your phone? Yes, again.

Enjoy responsibly.

  1. Orange - The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion
  2. Call Me the Breeze - Lynrd Skynrd
  3. Kiss - Prince
  4. Mardy Bum - Arctic Monkeys
  5. Primitive (the Way I Treat You) - Ambulance LTD
  6. Hang On To Your Ego - The Beach Boys
  7. So What'cha Want? - The Beastie Boys
  8. She Said She Said - The Beatles
  9. Beercan - Beck
  10. Louie Louie - The Kingsmen
  11. Click Click Click Click - Bishop Allen
  12. Love You More - The Buzzcocks
  13. A-Punk - Vampire Weekend

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